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Sodick AG60L and ALC400G

Euromould Ltd are pleased to announce the delivery of two new state of the art EDM machines, both Wire and Sinker.

New 3 Axis Roders 501

After the increased productivity and accuracy we have seen from our Roders RXP 500 DS machine, we always knew it was a matter of time until we purchased another Roders machine.

Euromould Ltd have made yet another stride forward in capability and performance. We are delighted to say we have received delivery of our new Roders 501 3axis machine.

This machine is also equipped with Roders RCS2 robotic handling system & with System 3R pallet system, which will allow us to run lights out machining. The RCS2 is capable of changing 3 variants of System 3R pallets(Macro Magnum, Macro and Junior). Allowing for automatic changing of electordes and work peices.

Roders RXP 500 DS

When someone uses the term “5-axis” they are typically referring to the ability of a CNC machine to move a part or a tool on five different axes at the same time.

This gives us the ability to finish machine 5 sides of a component in one set up to micron accuracy.

Our Roders RXP 500 DS(5axis) also has a robotic handling system called RCE, this allows us to load up to 24 System 3R Macro Magnum pallets directly into the machine allowing lights out running.

It has been a large investment for us but we are now reaping the benefits of such a high precision machine.

Euromould Ltd join GTMA.

Euromould Singapore Pte Ltd

Euromould Ltd is now delighted to announce the set up of a trading office in South East Asia. From where Euromould Singapore Pte Ltd will be able to better service all of our global customers on a more local basis.

Renishaw Case Study on Euromould Ltd

Renishaw Plc have carried out a case study on Euromould Ltd use of the Equator system

InterPlas 2014 - Thanks For stopping by!

Career Opportunities

We are currently recruiting in some areas, please go to the careers tab for Further details.

New Website Goes Live!

As you can tell the site has been updated.
We now plan to keep all the latest news and developments up to date on the site.

Building Expansion Complete

In Late 2012, An extension which would see additional space to accommodate 7 off mould presses, as well as equipment to support Mass injection moulding production was complete.