Sodick AG60L and ALC400G
24 Jul 2017
Euromould Ltd are pleased to announce the delivery of two new state of the art EDM machines, both Wire and Sinker.

After having a look at the market leaders in this field there was only one winner for Euromould, having a long history with the Sodick machines, we are pleased to continue to invest in there latest offerings. 

We have already seen a huge improvement in speed and efficiency on both machines compared to the older models. 

The added benefit of the 32 station tool changer and the Macro Combi head on the AG60L has given us a massive increase in burn time allowing for overnight/weekend runs far greater than previously possible. 

The larger 20kg wire spools on the ALC400G has given us the ability to run far longer unattended hours also, along with the new AWT system allows submerged and non-submerged threading.  Combining thermal wire cut for a straighter wire and new water-jet function, the reliability of the Sodick AWT system has been further improved.  The exclusive use of closed guides on the ALC400G in combination with the FJ AWT further increases productivity.

Something that will benefit our lead times greatly going forward.